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Quality Matters

  • All-Natural, On Farm Dairy Production
  • Grass-Fed Jersey Cows and Chickens

  • NO added growth Hormones
  • NO Antibiotics
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Grass Fed Pastured Cows and Chickens

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Family Owned & Operated

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Taste The Difference Quality Makes

An Old-Fashioned Approach To Farming

We began in 2012 as a small locally-owned and operated farm dedicated to raising poultry and poultry products that have no added growth hormones or antibiotics. We expanded in 2014 to be the first on-farm dairy processing plant in Orange County, NY in more than 40 years! We milk grass fed, beautiful Jersey Cows.

Some people tell us we really need to get out and socialize more. It’s what you call “progress” but we’re a little backward here. We still call our cows by their names. Our idea of “progress” is something different. It has to do with watching the sun come up over our pastures, and sometimes it means going backward, to things such as finding balance—with the land, the animals and figuring out where we fit in to all of it. For us, that’s “progress.” And we hope that people can somehow taste that in our milk. So we say thanks to Fernie, Deb, Gaga, Rhubarb, Deloras, Coco, and Dallas, our bovine beauties.

You can stop in any day and say Hi! We operate 24/7 on the honor system, keeping it simple and doing things the old fashion way.

About Our Farm

Ole' Mother Hubbert Cream Line Dairy Products are produced locally at Back to the Future Farm, from a small herd of GRASS FED Jersey Cows, owned and operated by Rose, Lee and Joshua Hubbert.

We pledge to our customers and to our bovine beauties that we will NEVER use Hormones or Antibiotics. Our milk is NON-HOMOGENIZED which allows the cream to separate and rise to the top, providing you with a healthy product that tasted great just like the Ole' Fashion Way.

Our milk is pasteurized at the least amount of time and temperature allowed by LAW. We heat our milk to 161 degrees for 15 seconds and cool quickly.

We hand label and bottle each and every product right here on our farm. We don't purchase milk from any other farm nor do we ship milk off the farm to a creamery.

Our girls are not a number here they are part of the family. Each and everyone has a name. Each and everyone are loved every single day.

It's not about milk production; it's about bringing small farms back to life that can be sustainable and keeping it simple.

Thank you for your support of Local Agriculture. We hope you enjoy our product.
And don't forget to shake well.

Rose, Lee and Joshua Hubbert

cow in the barn

On-Site Dairy Processing

We expanded our operations in 2014 to add the raising of grass-fed Jersey cows to our existing poultry product production. We also installed the first on-farm dairy processing plant in the entire Orange County, NY area in more than 40 years!

Customers Love
Our Products!

Beyond our small family-run farm in Westtown, NY, our products are making their way into retail shops and restaurants all around New York City and the surrounding boroughs. Check out our trusted partners with links we’ve provided for your convenience in finding our products around town. Enjoy!

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It Simple

We founded our small farm on the premise of keeping it simple, using only natural means to feed and raise our poultry and bovines, and never, ever, use hormones or antibiotics to boost production or profits. We care about our animals, our products, customers, and the environment.

Tour Our

Back to the Future Farm offers free educational interactive farm tours. We encourage knowledge of the dairy industry and how small family farms are operated. We believe that consumers should know where the food comes from and know the farmer (and their animals) who provide your food. Come play with our calves and goats in their pens. Feed bottle babies.

A farm locally owned and operated, that provides wholesome milk, dairy products and poultry products

that have no added growth hormones or antibiotics.

We support other women in agriculture by supporting their farm businesses.